the NMCC, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur last night. This thematic chess tournament is a tournament with every game is played with a certain opening variant. And last night, Sicilian Dragon position ( below) have been selected as the starting position. ( with white to play) .You will find the board set up for this variant at the start of the game. So all white player start the game on move 8! And black player start after white’s 8th move.


Seven players took part in this double round robin blitz tournament with 5 minute time control for each player. Many interested players couldn’t make it to the tournament because of last minute announcement by NMCC and we feel highly regret for it.



List of players :-


    1. NM Kamal Abdullah


    1. Rizal Ahmad Kamal
    2. Abdullah Che Hassan


    1. Mohd Zambri Syarif


    1. Shamsuddin Mat Isa


    1. Irwan Zulkanaen


  1. Shamsol Bahrin



The top three seeded players including the champion was having hard times in this tournament. For e.g, – the champ – Abdullah Che Hassan suffered two heavy defeat against Shamsol and Shamsuddin Mat Isa.


Final Standing:


    1. Abdullah Che Hassan 5 points ( Champion – he beat Shamsol 2-0 in playoff)


  1. Shamsol Bahrin
  2. Mohd Zambri Syarif


4. NM Kamal Abdullah


5. Shamsudin Mat Isa


6. Rizal Mohd Kamal & Irwan Zulkanaen ( both withdraw in the middle of the tournaments because of family matter to be settle )



In this edition, Abdullah receive the cash prize – RM 70.00 ( winner take all) . The prize depend on the numbers of the participants but a minimum RM 70.oo cash prizes is guaranteed for the winner.


In this thematic tournament 70% of the total fees will go to the winner and the remaining 30% is allocated to NMCC as the operating course for the chess centre.


For next activity, NMCC is glad to announce that this tourney will be a permanent activity in NMCC calendar and the thematic tourney will be held every Friday night . So be prepared and reserve your diary !



Below are the only games that i managed to record during the tournament. Interestingly both is the game were the champion lost.









The players kibitz the game of NM Kamal Abdullah vs Zambri


The 1st Playoff game : Shamsol (right) vs Abdullah : 0-1





NM Kamal Abdullah is having a hard time against the Dragons !


Marcus Yeoh and Andrew Ooi (left) is among the special guest !



Suhairi (right) from MSSM KL and Marus also attend and play blitz before the start of the tournament. Unfortunately they can’t stay and particpate untill the tournament finish . Probably next time guys ????