1.30 am and the second tournament start at 3.30 pm .

The details of the grand prix is as below:-

Neo Manhattan Chess Centre (NMCC) consist 10 tournament held ever Saturday and one Final tournament . For March 2009 legs, a total amount of RM 1000.00 cash prize has been guaranteed !


In March 2009, NMCC will organised 2 tournaments a day on Saturdays ( 7,14,21 and 28 March) and 2 tournaments + 1 final on 12th April 2009 ( Sunday) so that there will be 10 tournaments for the 1st leg.

* Due to clash with major tournaments, the last two tournaments + final will be organised on the 12th April 2009.

Number of players in a tournament .

Maximum number of players in one tournament is 24 players. Players will be divided into a maximum of two group with 10-12 players in one group. In the event of more than 12 players but less than 20 players take part, only the first 12 players who have paid the registration fee will be allowed to play .

Winner of each tournament is the player who collect the most points in a single round robin blitz tournament.

Prize : Weekly Tournament Champion will receive RM 70.00 . The Final Champion will win RM 300 cash prize.

Fees : RM 15.00


The Final Tournament will future 10 top players who collect the most points from a maximum of 7 tournaments.

This 10 best players will play in a single round robin tournament to decide a Champion who will receive RM 300 cash prize . 2nd and 3rd place will receive a consolation prize from NMCC.

This competition runs every Saturday for the 1st leg and 2 tournaments + final on Sunday, 12th April 2009 . There will be two tournaments a day and a total of 10 tournaments in one cycle. At the end of the 1oth tournament , a Final Grand Prix will be held which consist 10 player who collect the highest points from a maximum 7 best tournaments.

The date for the organisation of the March 2009 Grand Prix tournaments are 7, 14, 21, 28 and the Final on 12th April 2009.

The above rules are subject to change by the organiser .